Information Paper Submissions

Information Paper Submissions

Papers are being uploaded.

DAY 1 (19th August 2019, Monday)

Agenda Item 1 a: Theme Topic — “Harmonizing Efforts to Meet the Capacity Constraints”
Reference Title Presented By
DGCA-56/IP/1a/5 Streamlining of Certificate of Airworthiness Issuance Process through Delegation Hong Kong China
DGCA-56/IP/1a/6 Harmonization of Aviation Security and Facilitation to Enhance the Passenger Experience – Use of Biometric Based Boarding System in India India
DGCA-56/IP/1a/7 Inspector Development Concept and Mutual Recognition for Effective Job Task Indonesia
Agenda Item 3: Aviation Safety
Reference Title Presented By
DGCA-56/IP/3/6 Get Airport Ready for Disaster (GARD) in Indonesia  Indonesia 
DGCA-56/IP/3/7 Harmonizing the Safety Performance of ATSEP with the Growing Capacity, to Assure Safety IFATSEA
DGCA-56/IP/3/8 Certification of Helidecks in Malaysia Malaysia
DGCA-56/IP/3/10 Safety Management Systems – the United States State Safety Program (SSP) USA
DGCA-56/IP/3/11 UAS Operation in Indonesia Indonesia
  DGCA-56/IP/3/13 Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast Out: Ensuring Preparedness for the 2020 Equipage Mandate USA
  DGCA-56/IP/3/14 Update on U.S. Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Activities USA
  DGCA-56/IP/3/15 Workshop on Building Effective Safety Oversight of Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) and Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) USA
  DGCA-56/IP/3/16 Implementation of Aircraft Global Tracking in the Republic of Korea ROK
  DGCA-56/IP/3/17 Efforts to Prevent Cabin Crew Injury ROK
DGCA-56/IP/3/19 Amendment to Extended Diversion Time Operations Engine Monitoring Standards China
DGCA-56/IP/3/20 Operation at High Elevation Aerodromes China
DGCA-56/IP/3/21 New Technologies in Addressing Aerodrome Safety and Capacity Challenges Hong Kong China
DGCA-56/IP/3/22 Foreign Object Debris Detection System (FODDS) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport Malaysia
DGCA-56/IP/3/25 IATA Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA) IATA
DGCA-56/IP/3/26 IATA’s Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) and IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) IATA
Agenda Item 4: Air Navigation
Reference Title Presented By
DGCA-56/IP/4/4 Development of Remotely Aerodrome Flight Information Services Procedures within Indonesia Airspace Indonesia
DGCA-56/IP/4/5 International Cooperation for Establishing ATM Decision Support System Based on Data ROK
  DGCA-56/IP/4/6 “GNSS Training” in ASEAN Region Japan
  DGCA-56/IP/4/7 Japan’s Effort to A-SMGCS : Data-Driven And Simulation-Based Research Activities on Airport Surface Traffic Flow Japan
  DGCA-56/IP/4/8 Progress of C-ATFM and ACDM Implementation in India India
  DGCA-56/IP/4/9 Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) India
  DGCA-56/IP/4/10 Update on the Aviation Search and Rescue (SAR) Capabilities in Bangladesh   Bangladesh
DGCA-56/IP/4/12 The Progress of PBN Implementation in  Bangladesh Bangladesh
DGCA-56/IP/4/13 Application and Development of New Technologies in Air Traffic Management of China China
DGCA-56/IP/4/14 G597/A326 Double Tracking Route between China and ROK China


Revision 1

Modeling of Airspace of Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area China
Revision 1
Operation of Asian Aviation Meteorological Centre China
DGCA-56/IP/4/17 The Establishment of China/Russian Federation Consortium for ICAO Designated Space Weather Center China
DGCA-56/IP/4/18 Capacity Enhancement Initiatives in Hong Kong FIR Hong Kong China
DGCA-56/IP/4/19 GAGAN (GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation) Services to Neighboring Countries and other Countries within GAGAN GEO Foot Print  India
DGCA-56/IP/4/20 Implementation of Himalayan-2 Route via Kathmandu FIR Nepal
DGCA-56/IP/4/21 Outcomes of ICAO Asia/Pacific Volcanic Ash Exercise 18/02 (APAC VOLCEX 18/02) Indonesia
DGCA-56/IP/4/23 SIGMET Coordination Efforts and Outcomes by the Hong Kong Observatory Hong Kong China

DAY 2 (20th August 2019, Tuesday)

Agenda Item 5: Aviation Security and Facilitation
Reference Title Presented By
  DGCA-56/IP/5/3 Recent Developments in Aviation Security ICAO
DGCA-56/IP/5/9 Evolving Technology and Global Trends in Passenger Facilitation IATA
DGCA-56/IP/5/10 Promoting Awareness on Aviation Security to Other Agencies and Organisations Singapore
  DGCA-56/IP/5/11 Promotion of Aviation Innovation Japan
DGCA-56/IP/5/13 Global Aviation Security Plan as a Reference in Determining Indonesia Aviation Security Roadmap Indonesia
Agenda Item 6: Economic Development of Air Transport
Reference Title Presented By
DGCA-56/IP/6/5 Harmonizing Efforts to Meet the Capacity Constraints Pakistan
Agenda Item 7: Aviation and Environment
Reference Title Presented By
DGCA-56/IP/7/3 Adaptation Plans at Japanese Airports Against Climate Change (Disaster Countermeasures and Environment Countermeasures) Japan
DGCA-56/IP/7/4 Japan’s Experience of CORSIA Implementation Japan
  DGCA-56/IP/7/5 Indonesia’s Priority Measures in Reducing Carbon Emissions in Aviation Sector Indonesia
  DGCA-56/IP/7/6 Indian Airports - towards Achieving Carbon Neutral Growth India
  DGCA-56/IP/7/7 Taxibot – Green Revolution in Aircraft Taxiing India
DGCA-56/IP/7/10 IATA’s Views on CORSIA IATA
Agenda Item 8: Technical and Regional Cooperation
Reference Title Presented By
  DGCA-56/IP/8/4 Establishment of Air Operator Certification (AOC) Cell within the Smart Civil Aviation Regulatory Framework Bangladesh
  DGCA-56/IP/8/5 Closer Collaboration and Harmonization in Updating National Public Health Emergency Response Contingency Plan Indonesia
  DGCA-56/IP/8/6 New Zealand Assistance to Improve Aviation Safety and Security in the Pacific Island States   New Zealand
  DGCA-56/IP/8/7 Training Program for Aviation Personnel of ICAO Member States ROK
  DGCA-56/IP/8/8 The International Cooperation Program UAE
  DGCA-56/IP/8/9 Sharing of Best Practices Across Regions   EUROCONTROL
DGCA-56/IP/8/12 One Aviation in Facing Technological Advancement Singapore
DGCA-56/IP/8/13 South Asian Regional Cooperation in Environmental Protection and Aviation Safety Oversight Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka

DAY 3 (21st August 2019, Wednesday)

Agenda Item 10: Aeronautical Meteorology for Executives by ICAO
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Agenda Item 9a: Beijing Declaration – Follow up and way forward
Reference Title Presented By
Agenda Item 11: Preview of papers – 40th Session of ICAO Assembly
Reference Title Presented By
DGCA-56/IP/11/7 Establishing Regional Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Working Groups (AIWGs) UAE
DGCA-56/IP/11/8 Regional Cooperation in AIG Functions UAE
DGCA-56/IP/11/9 Insight Human and Organizational Factors Analysis in Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation UAE

DAY 4 (22nd August 2019, Thursday)


DAY 5 (23rd August 2019, Friday)